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S&L Transforms AV Systems at Southern Regional Technical College

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Blog

The importance of modern and efficient audiovisual systems in today’s world can’t be overemphasized. From corporate events to academic gatherings, having the right AV systems in place has become imperative. S&L recently completed a full upgrade of the AV systems in the Charles H. Kirbo Center at Southern Regional Technical College’s Bainbridge campus, making it a state-of-the-art venue for hosting corporate, civic, and educational events.

The auditorium, which became part of SRTC in 2018, was in need of a new universal, integrated system to replace the outdated AV equipment. S&L was approached to revamp the entire system and make it a modern, user-friendly, and reliable venue. SRTC trusted S&L for this project because “S&L is dependable, and we have a good working relationship with the company,” said KaCee Holt, Campus Director in Bainbridge.

The new AV systems installed include the latest in audio technology, with top-of-the-line sound systems and ceiling-hung array loudspeakers and subwoofers that provide crystal-clear sound. The projector has been replaced, allowing for the clear and vivid presentation of images and videos. S&L installed new theatrical lighting, providing ample and balanced light to enhance the overall ambiance of the auditorium. The system also includes an easy-to-use control system, amplifiers, digital signal processors, wireless microphones, digital audio console, AV over IP video system, and a PTZ camera system. In addition to the auditorium upgrades, S&L also installed a live streaming system for overflow into two meeting rooms in the facility. The two meeting rooms are also used for hosting educational, corporate, and civic events in the community. S&L installed new projectors, control panels, ceiling mounted speakers, AV over IP, amplifiers, and wireless microphones in each of the rooms.

The new AV systems have been designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls that allow for easy operation by staff, event organizers, and renters. The systems are also highly customizable, with the ability to adjust settings for different events and requirements. With the upgraded systems in place, the auditorium is now capable of hosting a wide range of events, from large-scale conferences to intimate performances.

Josh Briones, S&L’s VP of Technical Operations, provided comprehensive training to the auditorium staff on the use and operation of the new systems. This has ensured that the staff is well equipped to provide top-notch support to event organizers and attendees. Sarah Everett, Technical Support Specialist, stated that Briones gave good explanations, and that he was patient and flexible during the training process.

Holt and Everett both described the new system as “reliable, simple, and user-friendly”. They enjoyed working with S&L because the project went smoothly, and all staff they worked with were informative and communicated well during the entire process from pre-sales to post-installation. Upgrading audiovisual systems in situations like this can have a significant impact on the overall user experience. With the latest audio and visual equipment, audience members can enjoy a more immersive experience, and presenters can deliver their message with greater clarity and impact.


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