Safe, Secure and Efficient Remote Arraignment

JailCall Remote Arraignment Solution

Complete Control! The Judge or Attorney controls each inmate camera and has the ability to mute mics. With the JailCall system the Judge or attorney has the ability to view all the inmates in a pod or a single inmate. Inmates are only able to see and hear the judge or attorney.

Reduces Risk

Inmates are kept in a secure location.

Secure Appearance

First appearances and arraignments are done securely from a courtroom to a jail, or a courtroom to a group of detention facilities.

Reduce Cost, Saves Time

Judges and attorneys have the flexibility to remote-in, reducing travel time and costs.

One Button

Connect directly from the courthouse
to the jail. When the appearance is over, the call can be disconnected immediately.

Jail to Courtroom Video Conferencing

Video conferencing controlled from a single touch display.

Appear Remotely

Using the StarLeaf App and a Mac, Windows, iOS or Android device.

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